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April 17, 2018  

Ep 42 Lorne and a Cast of Scoundrels

Welcome to this week's episode of Paintball Dynamite! We hear from Lorne Leyes, AKA Panda AKA the Royal Wit AKA the Bagman AKA the Spam Man AKA Boccelli On Ice and he is joined by a couple interviews from Jason Gandalf, the man with hands the size of Christmas hams, and a few other friends. We talk about paintball mostly, we get sidetracked, and on the second half we're joined by the soothing sounds of renowned pop duo Matt and Sara. They help us build a scenario and play What Gun Rules the World. 

The music provided this week is by Quartz Jester and they have provided me with this bio.

Quartz Jester was established in 2009. The band is made up of three friends Jim Lam guitar and lead vocals, Tyrone Johnson drums and backup vocals, and Jason Snyder on bass. It is based out of Marcus Hook, PA. The band has had an on again off again history. In it's current form the band plays mostly accoustic for friends and family. Jim Lam has been involved in a few other projects over the years such as Smithbridge, Demonsix, and Lam. You can find Quartz Jester's music on YouTube on LamTheFisherman.

Check them out here

April 9, 2018  

Ep 41 Rory and Ellie: Time Traveling Never Sounded So Good

I have a new favorite episode and this is it. Rory and Ellie (for the first time together) join me on this very funny episode. I know I'm writing a lot of checks with this description but believe me, you can take them to the bank and cash them. I don't know what you'll get back exactly. They'll probably ask you what the hell is Paintball-Dynamite-Laugh-Checks and have you escorted out. We joke around for the first have and even talk about paintball a couple of times, but then Rory unveils his time machine. From there we travel back in time in a Source Code-style re-telling of our time at the North Vs South scenario. I know what you're thinking, "Again with this fucking scenario, get over it" but I assure you, it's worth it. We don't play What Gun Rules the World this time around, but we do play a game of Shitty Paintball Ideas. I hope you enjoy.


Music provided by: Castlebeat with the song "I Follow"



April 3, 2018  

Ep 40 Bill K. and the Trouble with Meat Slicers

Ahoy there! This is a fun episode of PBD because we have a legend of the game, Bill Kikowski, who came in to tell us how he innovated paintball. Later on in the show we're joined by a special guest, who really helps us understand Bill's tactics. We also fear for the safety of Rocky Cagnoni and Debra Messing. Enjoy the show!

Music provided by Welter with their song One Gig. 

Check them out here:

March 26, 2018  

Ep 39 North vs South at OXCC

Whew, this one took a lot out of me. This is a big chunk of footage I captured from the North vs South scenario event at OXCC yesterday! I interviewed a lot of people, and even got audio from the final battle! You're going to hear more of these sort of episodes througout the year, so hopefully it's enjoyable. If you see my stupid face at an event getting interviews from people, feel free to come on over and get in on the action! Shoot suckas, mow faces!!!

March 20, 2018  

Ep 38 Scott Ellenberger Blowing Up Bridges

Welcome to a very exciting episode of Paintball Dynamite! This week I introduce a new guest Scott Ellenberger! I'm pretty sure we're officially out of people to offend on this one. We kinda discuss the North vs South paintball scenario at OXCC on March 25th, but mostly we just shit talk and make fools of ourselves. Scott talks about his worldy travels, getting his liver paralyzed, and we get into a great game of What Gun Rules the World! Check out Scott's paintball team on Facebook at Proven Ground Ballers PB! 

March 19, 2018  

PBD Teaser for Episode 38 w/ Scott Ellenberger

We're doing teasers now??? I'm as outraged as you are. For upcoming Episode 38 with Scott Ellenberger. His idea, and it's worth a try! Sign up for the North at OXCC on March 25th at the North Vs South event!

March 6, 2018  

Ep 37 Ellie - Venetian or Bust!

We're back again with a hilarious episode with Ellie! We talk about our plans to visit Picasso Lake Paintball in Berlin NJ, hoarding, and Ellie tests a 9volt battery for the first time. I mention an interview in the car, but it wasn't good enough to put in the show. Don't forget to sign up for the North Vs South event at OXCC on March 25th. If you see me there say hello, and we'll record a quick interview for a future episode. Enjoy the show!

February 20, 2018  

Ep 36 Cody and the Saga of Ozone VS Electro Rock

Welcome back everyone! This is an episode I recorded with my little brother Cody. We get into some wild stories he tells, we talk about what it was like when we first started playing paintball, and find out what gun rules the world, the Tippmann TPX or the Tippmann Crossover! This is one of those times where as soon as I hit stop on the recorder, I knew I was going to have to have him back because we forgot stuff, but more importantly because it was a hilarious time. We had a ton of fun doing this one, and I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things. Enjoy the show.

January 30, 2018  

Ep 35 Chris and the Fight Against Clear

Alright everyone, I promise we do talk about paintball, but for the first hour we yammer on, tell funny stories and joke around. After that though, we review some cool gear we were sent from various paintball companies, play a great game of What Gun Rules the World and have a second helping of Judge Chris! I pose to Chris the ongoing, and neverending, GI Sports lawsuits and get his perspective. If you have controversial paintball topics for the next Judge Chris segment, let me know! This episode was a ton of fun to do, and if you were a fan of the previous two episodes with Chris, you'll surely enjoy this one. God Bless you Rib Timmons.

January 23, 2018  

Ep 34 Ron Making Amends and Tasting Blood

It's time for an episode of Paintball Dynamite that has been a long time coming. I track down Ron and we squash our beef, which was mainly one sided. We crack into Ron's very Ron-like stories, build a damn fine scenario, and see how the Crane boys would do in a battle of What Gun Rules the World! Get your bags of sugar ready and enjoy with a tall glass of gray liquid.