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November 14, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep 26 Matt O’Neil - Yelling Myself Awake

Welcome back to Paintball Dynamite. I'm sitting down again with Matt O'Neil to give our stupid opinions the items released at World Cup. We discuss what we think looks awesome and what we think is total garbage. Later we get into the kind of music we listen to before we go play paintball and I ask you the listener to send in some music you enjoy that gets you amped up to go play. Maybe listen to some of our picks, get hype and play some paintball. 

November 7, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep 25 Chris - Recounting the Future Before Yesterday

If you enjoyed Episode 20 with Chris, then definitely check this one out. The official World Cup episode with me and paintball "expert" Chris! We recorded this a week before World Cup but it's being released two days after it ends. So we give our predications / tell you what happened at the event. Furthermore, we get into some paintball controversy. The stickiest wicket of all, Mike from TechPB. I try to stay unbiased as I tell Chris the winding road that is Mike Phillips and I get his take on it. This is another long episode, full of us being jackasses. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it. 

October 31, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep 24 Alan The Kid Rock of Paintball Podcasting

Bringing back the fun with Alan Williams. We sit down outside, at night, in a place where people have been murdered to talk paintball, pretentious cigars, and play Would You Rather? Later we explore my hatred for patronizing paintball memes and play a quick game of What Gun Rules the World? I'm dubbing this the Unedited Episode because I did not cut anything from the show, which gave it a very scary live element. I stuck to my word and didn't cut any slurs or offensive accents. Enjoy!

October 24, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep 23 Solo Cholo

This episode of Paintball Dynamite just features me, so strap in. More than any other episode I try to be helpful and give you tips on how to prevent injury and how to prepare for events. I also discuss upcoming World Cup and give my predictions on who I think is going to take it. I do have some fabulous sponsers this episode. Don't forget to check out and of course that amazing looking horror film Easter Bunny's Revenge, this time the eggs color you, with blood!!!!!! 

October 17, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep22 Kiren - Flying Face First Into a Rock Wall

Get strapped in for another episode of Paintball Dynamite, this time with new guest Kiren and third time guest Ellie. We address our rise in popularity in Indiana, home of the best methamphetamines in the union. Part of the way through we get to know Kiren and get hyped for an upcoming scenrio event at Southern Maryland Paintball and try to decipher their plans for the game. What Gun Rules the World explores what it would be like to have a gun battle on the Pacific Coast Highway! Let's break some bones!

October 10, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep21 Rory The Racist Drug Addict

Rory is my best friend, and that's something you'll learn from this episode of Paintball Dynamite. We also learn that Rory doesn't know what this show is called despite this being his third time on the show. There's an upcoming scenario at Maple Shade Farm coming up called Glowing Skulls. We go over what to expect from that event, and we'll do a recap shortly after the actual date. Oh and we build a scenario! We had a good time recording it and it turned out really funny. I hope you enjoy it. 

October 3, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep20 Chris - PB Max and Me

A revolutionary episode of Paintball Dynamite! For all the people out there who wanted forty minutes of me talking about the Dye DSR and the Shocker XLS, this is the episode for you. The episode starts with me solo, but then my buddy Chris comes on over Skype and tells funny stories and we turn the show upside down. Maybe the funniest episode yet. We create some great new slogans that the paintball community is free to use. We also play a pre-historic game of What Gun Rules the World? Don't forget to check out our sponsor 

September 26, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep19 Matt O’Neil - Complaining Assholes

This episode is going to mark a change in the show. Things are going to get violent. The first half of the episode didn't record, so we had to start over. It gets intense and tensions run high. Matt and I voice some pet peeves we have with paintball, we threaten each other and we discover a new paintball phenomenom; ref groupies. I think you'll enjoy the rawness and controversial nature of this episode. We come together by the end of the show for What Gun Rules the World!

September 21, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep18 William Madfrog Crook

Am I a man possessed for releasing two episodes in one week? Possibly, but it's all in part because I have the Madfrog himself on William (Bill if your nasty) Crook. Almost as mad as the topics we discuss. Paintball at an airshow? Vomitting into your own mask? Most complicated of all, balancing scenario teams against each other so everyone has a good time, and no one goes home completely stomped and dejected. Some feats are a shear impossibility. Regardless I implore you to shoot suckas and mow faces. Enjoy the show.

September 19, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep17 Making Children Cry with Bones Jackson

Welcome back for an episode of Paintball Dynamite built for old heads, gear guys, and people who like to knock over Jenga statues. Bones Jackson is one of the moderators over at the r/paintball on Reddit. He is infamous for being someone who sticks by their opinions, and will throw a grenades into a conversation if he thinks your wrong. We play a game called Bones Jackson Vs Brutal Dictator, and talk about gear for a while. Enjoy!