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August 15, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep12 Ellie M. Off the Rails

Back again with another episode of Paintball Dynamite. I bring you a one on one episode with Ellie Mason. This one is abosulutely off the rails and silly. We play a new game, kick off a new segment called Build a Scenario and get into a ridiculous game of What Gun Rules the World? Enjoy the show!

August 8, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep11 Alan W. Let’s Get Gross

Testing the limits of immaturity with Alan Williams my brother in law! We discuss how paintball and VR collide, discuss his history, and generally jerk off for an hour. We also learn a serious problem with an acqauintance of his friend. The audio is weird in the first few minutes for some reason, so my bad. Shoot suckas and mow faces.

August 1, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep10 Ellie and Matt Furries On The Loose

We made it to episode 10! We haven't been cancelled yet. That being said, you can't really cancel a podcast, but I'm still excited for episode 10. This time I sit down with Ellie and Matt O'Neil for a three person episode. Technically this was recorded over a month ago, before the EMR episode so I think I mention this being the first three person episode. Anyhow, we get into how parents just don't understand, A-Z Game, and we talk about paintball in on tv and in media. The three person episode spawned a fun game of What Gun Rules the World!

July 25, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep9 Matt A. and Timmmay Yin and Yang

Welcome to Paintball Dynamite, and this week we're sitting back down with the first guest ever, Matthew Aragon! Not only that, but we also hear from Tim (Timmmay) Hanley from EMR Paintball Park! Our first paintball-famous guest. Matt and I take things off the rails, but Timmy brings some really interesting paintball history, and perspective back to the show. This one is a real back and forth between Good (Timmy) and Evil (Matthew). 

July 18, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep8 Chris L. Remembers

Welcome back to another rousing episode of Paintball Dynamite. This time I sit down with my buddy Chris. He's an OG, and he shoots more paint than they carry at the field. We talk about how things have changed, play Name That PBN Username, and we get into another game of What Gun Rules the World? We recorded in a trailer, and I didn't have my standard equipment so my audio is a bit off, so I apologize for that. Lessons learned!

July 11, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep7 Game of Bones Recap

The episode I've been dying to release. It's a long one, the longest in fact. Matt, Rory and myself recap the Game of Bones event at EMR. We still squeeze some games in, Rory performs a song for us, and we talk about the event the majority of the show. We do hear some short, extra interviews from Mad Frog, and Barney from EMR. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording it!

July 6, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep6 Norm.The Fieldowner

Two episodes in one week? Well now I've heard everything! That's right, a bonus episode! Really I just have too many backlogged episodes and I wanted to clear out some space so here we go. This episode I talk to the owner of A2Z about being a field owner, we play True False Paintball Sauce, and we get a rousing rendition of the classic musical interlude. We also get to hear one of the interviews I did for the Game of Bones event with Connor Davis. Hope you enjoy!

July 4, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep5 Rory D. My Favorite Episode

Welcome back for another installment of Paintball Dynamite. This week I have my longtime friend Rory Davis on the show. We reveal how obsessed I am with paintball, play some True False Paintball Sauce, talk about how we all can play more cooperatively on the field, and play another round of What Gun Rules the World! Also check out

June 27, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep4 Ellie M. Tourettes Your Bottom Dollar

Hey everyone, time again for another episode of Paintball Dynamite. This time with my wife, we discuss her experience being a lady paintballer, play a new game called Name That Pro's PBN Username, and we hear one of the interviews I captured over the weekend at EMR's Game of Bones scenario. We also find out if a Dye DM9 would take a Bob Long Dragon Intimidator on What Gun Rules the World. Enjoy and we'll catch you next time on Paintball Dynamite!

June 20, 2017  

Paintball Dynamite Ep3 Matt O. What To Expect When You’re Expecting To Play A Scenario

As I mention at the start of the episode, this one will be released out of order. I had others that should have come before this one, but this one is time sensitive. This episode I sit back down with Matt from Episode 2 to discuss the upcoming EMR Game of Bones scenario. He's never been to a weekend long scenario and never been to EMR so I wanted to get his before and after impressions. We also discuss his new gun pickup, play FMK with paintball guns, and get into another round of What Gun Rules the World? This is a long one folks, so strap in and enjoy.